What is Technical Computing?

Brent Halonen
June 26th, 2019
Snippet of Technical Computing code

I don't build websites for dentists. Neither am I going to build the next cat of the day app. I focus on programs and code that require technical (mathematical, scientific, or engineering) chops to run and write correctly.

Do you have a use for technical computing?

You might have a technical computing problem without knowing it. Technical computing has made great leaps forward in cost effectiveness of technical computing development with the new Julia language. Out-smart your competition with an investment in technical computing!

Data analysis

Do you have a data set to be analyzed? You are going to need some mathematical background to get the pearls of actionable information out of it. Laurium Labs brings graduate level mathematical sophistication to your analysis problem.

Modeling and Simulation

Are you trying to figure out what parameters of your process will give the best results? Or how your complex process works? Modelling and simulation can answer questions at an absolute fraction of the cost of real world experiments. You can try the "silly ideas" that may actually be the future of the project without breaking the bank with expensive experiments.

Image analysis

Do you collect a lot of imagery in your process? Could sensors be inserted into your process to easily collect important information? Computer vision has made great leaps forward in object identification, tracking of objects, and material deformation, among other advances. A well placed sensor and the right algorithm could eliminate cost or provide up to date intelligence on the status of your process.

What Technical Computing Problems should you solve?

Laurium Labs can help you determine what technical computing solutions make sense for your business. Let us know what your situation is, and we can suggest cost-effective solutions that deliver business value. Sometimes the correct move is to do nothing, and we will not push you into projects that don't have a high probability of success.

Technical Computing challenges

Hours and hours going into getting the little things right. When the cat of the day app breaks, it is very obvious that the new cat isn't being served up to the users. If your technical program starts giving misleading results, it may be years before the errors bubble to the surface. Millions can be wasted on poorly informed decisions. This means a greater than average care for quality is needed around technical computing. Key components must be tested, "smell tests" constantly run, and "how did you get this" must always be answerable.

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