A Culture of Video Demos

Mark Halonen
January 14th, 2021
Video Demo Screenshot

Here at Laurium Labs, we espouse a culture of screencast demos. Over the last couple years, we have recorded and uploaded over 30 videos. Some videos are for 1 person's viewing, some are for entire audiences like the Waldo email list.

A couple example videos:

The effectiveness of video demos are numerous:

  • For Sharing:

    • Videos rarely fail to play during the demo
    • Demoing new software live is stressful
    • Videos can be shared easily
    • Videos provide way more context than text content. A video is worth 100,000 words
  • Effect on Developers:

    • The developer doesn't want to record himself on video showing embarrassing software
    • For new product development, the time-consuming part is gathering requirements. The faster you can iterate with stakeholders, the faster a useful product is developed. Developing with a "Get it good enough for a video" mentality is effective for moving the product forward.

Recording videos also helps developers work on their speaking and presentation skills, which are famously underutilized.

I personally use the Monosnap software on my Mac. I also paid for Vimeo because they process my videos to HD faster than YouTube.

Laurium Labs anticipates recording many more videos into the future!

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