Mark Halonen
July 10th, 2020

Laurium Labs is proud to partner with Leo Huhta on Waldo, a new mobile app that will revolutionize the logging industry.

Currently, loggers exist in a state of co-dependency with a trucker. The trucker follows the logger around the county, picking up his logs and bringing them to the mill that may be 100 miles away. If the trucker gets sick, the logger is out of work, as he can't cut logs and let them rot on the forest floor. If the logger breaks down (as logging equipment often does), the trucker is left searching for wood to haul via phone call and text.

Waldo is an iOS and Android app with a "Waldo Board" where loggers can post loads of wood that need to get hauled. Truckers apply to haul the wood and the logger chooses among the applicants a suitable trucker. So Waldo breaks the co-dependency by providing a centralized feed of work that needs to get done, allowing truckers and loggers to intermingle in whichever manner is effective for a given day. If loggers and truckers still want to pair up (maybe you own both), Waldo provides private job boards as well.

Waldo Board

Waldo also provides insight for the foresters who manage the land. Currently, foresters bounce around their different job sites, checking on the progress and gathering intel so they can make their next strategic decision. With Waldo, foresters can simply check their job site in the app to see all the latest data.

Waldo is already seeing daily usage by early testers. We hope to continue serving these users and growing the Waldo network to make it an effective vehicle for moving timber from the forest to the mill.

Leo and Tina came to Laurium Labs around September of 2019. We met and discussed the features of the app. We provided a quote to Leo within a couple days, and we ended up going with a cash/equity deal that aligned interests of all parties involved. We started development in November of 2019 and finished the first phase of development by July 1st, right on schedule. Laurium Labs is excited to continue building Waldo to its full potential into the future.

Laurium Labs typically targets R&D-level projects that involve mathematics and science, but Leo's idea, network, and enthusiasm made Waldo a project we couldn't refuse.

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