Tech Talks at Laurium Labs

Mark Halonen
December 20th, 2019
Brent Presenting at Tech Talk

Tech Talks at Laurium Labs

We've now hosted 3 tech talks here at the Laurium Labs office since October 1st.

  • Mark presented "Postgraphile: Change Your Database Schema and get a Compile Error in Your UI"
  • Brent presented: "Julia JuMP: Solving Sudoku with Mathematical Optimization"
  • Mark presented: "3D Animation Of Industrial Systems with BabylonJS"

The whole "tech talk" idea actually started as "Tech Talk at the Alamo" back in 2017. Mark invited the programmer crowd over on Saturday mornings to our rental house ("The Alamo") and made breakfast burritos. Sometimes we even talked about technology.

Now we've become more focused, preparing a presentation on a cool technology we've been using lately. The talks have been awesome, bringing together the Keweenaw tech community to see what Laurium Labs is up to, and to chow some Jim's Pizza.

We have a few more ideas for tech talks in the next few months:

  • Coho: Breakthrough Dip Line Motion Planning Technology
  • Database As a Communication Medium: Highly Debuggable User Actions
  • Waldo: Uber Freight for the Logging Industry

If you have an interest in what Laurium Labs is hacking on, just reach out! We do try to keep a small and focused attendance, as this allows for relaxed conversation.

Enjoy some photos of past Tech Talks at Laurium Labs:

IMG 1907 Mark presenting "3D Animation of Industrial Control Systems"

BrentTechTalk Brent presenting "Julia JuMP: Solving Sudoku with Mathematical Optimization"

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