Sauna Stove Thermography

Mark Halonen
December 12th, 2020
Sauna Stove Thermal Image

Out of curiousity, I bought a FLIR One thermal camera for iPhone and recorded some images of my wood sauna stove.

This 20 second video is a timelapse of starting the sauna. Each second in the video is 100 seconds of realtime.

The stovepipe heats up very fast, reaching 750F only 7 minutes in. The rest of the 1/4 inch steel stove slowly catches up.

Here is an image once the stove was hot:

Sauna Stove Thermal Image

You can really see the internal shape of the fire box in this image.

Here is another image of the stovepipe:

Stovepipe and Through Ceiling Kit

Notice the temperature difference between the stovepipe at 640F and the through-ceiling kit at 240F. The thermal image clearly shows the effectiveness of the through-ceiling kit at preventing fires.

Lastly, here is an image of the stove a couple hours after sauna:

Sauna Stove After Cool Down

With low thermal mass, the stovepipe heats up quickly and cools down quickly. The thick stove is slower to respond to temperature change.

It's been pretty interesting viewing the world through the infrared light spectrum on this camera!

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