Make PLC's Smart Again

Mark Halonen
April 8th, 2020

Laurium Labs has developed an open source software that allows for controlling PLC's from Julia code. Julia, first released in 2012, is a high-level programming language that excels at scientific algorithms such as motion planning. It is the language of choice at Laurium Labs.

Why not use regular PLC-style programming? The programming style of PLC's originates from relay logic, resulting in "ladders", "tags", "rungs" etc. This is a very limited toolset for programmers compared to the tools available in a high-level language like Julia. If you are developing complex control planning logic, PLC's simply fall short. Hence the need to control the PLC from within Julia. This allows for the best of both worlds: Complex logic in Julia, and safety-critical logic in the PLC.

This software is in use on this industrial equipment:


If you feel your PLC could be made smarter with PC integration, reach out to Laurium Labs!

GitHub Source Code:

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