Julia Development at Laurium Labs

Brent Halonen
June 26th, 2019
Julia is a fresh approach to technical computing

Julia is a modern language for technical and scientific computing. Laurium Labs brings 3 years of daily Julia development to your project, the technical chops to translate your problem to code, and a focus on writing maintainable code to keep your long term costs low. Click here to see why Laurium Labs loves Julia.

Laurium Labs will

  • Help you plan and budget what development is needed
  • Write maintainable code and keep on budget
  • Source and manage other developers/skill sets where needed

Laurium Labs has several sample Julia projects for you to peruse:

Modelling and simulation

Modeling and simulation can save quite a bit of money, but it can be quite challenging to develop a model that matches reality close enough for your needs. Laurium Labs has years of experience in modelling and simulation. An example of our modelling and simulation work can be seen here. Packages used:

  • DifferentialEquations.jl
  • Unitful.jl
  • Interpolations.jl

Data Analysis

Almost everyone has piles of data, and finding a data scientist who can actually roll up their sleeves and write some code can be challenging. Laurium Labs combines sophisticated statistical thinking with nuts and bolts software development. An example of our data analysis work can be seen here. Packages used:

  • Query.jl
  • DataFrames.jl
  • TextAnalysis.jl

    Image Analysis

    More and more imagery is collected every day, and understanding it takes knowledge of light transport, sensor electronics, and image analysis techniques. Laurium Labs has experience with high speed cameras, IR cameras, synthetic imagery generation, digital image correlation, and deep learning object detection. An example of our imagery work can be seen here. Packages used:

  • DynamicPolynomials.jl
  • Optim.jl
  • Interpolations.jl
  • Images.jl
  • FFTW.jl
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