FEA at Laurium Labs

Brent Halonen
June 26th, 2019
Thermal simulation of casting

Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics can solve many challenging problems in engineering. However, the process of building and validating models takes a lot of specialization and time to hunt down all the science corresponding with the model and turn it into a simulation. Laurium Labs has experience delivering value add analysis for high technical risk research projects, such as the ARPA-E conformable natural gas tank project.

Any scientific computation is very easy to run incorrectly. If a mistake is made in a mobile app, the error is screaming everyone in the face. If a mistake is made in scientific computation, the error may propagate for years before the error is exposed in testing. It is incredibly important to focus on repeatable and traceable simulations. Answering "where did you get that number?" with confidence is essential to delivering useful simulation.

The software development strength at Laurium Labs means we can write custom plugins and routines to add features to solvers or build a model from scratch in code. This allows complex components to be simplified to a couple of differential equations, where possible. An example of a lumped sum model built by Laurium Labs can be seen at saunasim.com.

In particular Laurium Labs has deep experience modeling castings with Flow3D-Cast. Flow3D is a research oriented CFD solver, targeted at free surface flow problems. Laurium Labs has access to this powerful software, and years of experience running and validating simulations.

Solidifcation simulation of ARPA-E tank

Laurium Labs is proud to partner with Loukus Tech's manufacturing and casting expertise to help you bring your project For guidance on bringing simulation to your engineering project, let us know what you are doing and we can provide guidance on where simulation can add value.

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