Mark Halonen
July 30th, 2020

CrayFish is a tool developed at Laurium Labs that helps reduce costs at fabrication shops. These shops often face this scenario:

  • Need 2 lengths at 100 inches and 4 lengths at 65 inches
  • Have stock on the shelf of 240 inches

CrayFish takes this input and returns the optimal way to get the needed lengths from the stock. In this case, it would be by cutting 1x100 and 2x65 on each piece of 240 stock, resulting in waste of 20 inches.

The industry standard is to use a "greedy algorithm", which, in the example provided, would place 2x100 on one stock item, 3x65 on another, and 1x65 on the last, resulting in waste of 260 inches. So in this contrived example, CrayFish reduces a lot of cost.

CrayFish provides this optimization through a web interface available at

This tool is a nice demonstration of what optimization can do, which is our specialty here at Laurium Labs!

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