3D animation of Coho

Brent Halonen
August 20th, 2021
Coho 3D

Sometimes, explaining complicated systems to customers or other stakeholders can be difficult. High impact decisions are being made, so understandably, everyone want to know exactly what is going on when they sign on the dotted line. For the Coho project, Laurium Labs built a 3D animator to help REL explain to its customers how the controls and hardware would work on an FPI line. All movement occurs as it would in real life, linked to the exact same decision making code. The time in each station can be configured in a web UI, then the decisions are reflected in actual machinery movement, reflecting the movements in the animator.

The line works through linked conveyors to move the carriers through the station. Parts would be loaded into these carriers. The first treatment station involves a dip process, and the second treatment a wet spray treatment requiring doors to be opened and closed.

This 3D digital twin system allows for easy explanation of how an advanced Industry 4.0 controls and mechanical solution works. Customers can have confidence in what they are going to see out on the floor of their Factory of the Future.

Read more about Coho here.

Laurium Labs has extensive experience with creating 3D imagery in a game fashion, as above, and in highly realistic physics based rendering approaches. Let us know if you have any needs to be met with 3D rendering or other technical computing solutions.

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